Professional Practices – Asssistant Teaching – Week 10

This week our class began a new 5-week drawing, which the students began after warming up with 2-minute gesture drawings. Ernie got the class started with their drawings and then let me take over after about an hour. Before he left, he instructed the students to draw without the use of value but instead to focus on the structure and proportions of the figure. He told them to keep their lines very light, that way they could be erased more easily. Once the proportions had been established, then they could go back in with some more definition.
Other lessons Ernie imparted on the students were using “base measurements” and getting everything down on the page quickly. He instructed the students to make a 1” border around the outside of the page. He then stressed the importance of getting the drawing down and reaching all 4 points of the page: top, bottom, left and right. Once this was done, they could begin to measure and nail the proportions. “You have to start with something,” he said. “Do your best at getting everything in and then start measuring.”


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