Professional Practices – Assistant Teaching – Week 14

This week I helped Ernie a bit with organizing student work for the upcoming end-of-year show. Ernie is picking drawings for the students to mat and submit for the show. There is a vacant studio right next door to the one we use for our class, and Ernie set up shop in there with piles of his students’ work. While I watch over the class, he was going through the stacks of drawings and calling students into the extra studio to meet with him individually. I slipped out of our class every now and then to check and see what he was up to and watch his discussions with the students. I also helped Ernie move a bunch of stuff around in the “Bistro” across the hall. This is where he was collection all of the student work and organizing it by class and year. As the two of us moved the computer room furniture around, cleared off as many tables as we could, and began to organize all of the portfolios, canvases, matted works, and loose pages of paper, it dawned on me how much work he is responsible for in addition to his teaching. There is a lot more to this than just showing up in the classroom every day and knowing how do draw really well.
Back in our studio, I circulated the room as Ernie typically does and helped out some students where I thought they could use it. I was pleased to have a couple of students actually flag me down and ask me to help them with their work. Ernie also had me make sure that each student got onto GoStudio and complete the course evaluations.


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