new work: repair of broken sculpture

I recently repaired a broken sculpture for a client.  The sculpture was a life-sized head of a man with a unique stand, made out of clay.  According to a small plaque on the base of the sculpture, the artist who originally made the sculpture was a Jim Strecker.  When the sculpture was brought to me, it had been broken in two places:  the right ear and part of the nose (as seen below).

alex-conrad-amistad-ear-detailalex-conrad-amistad-nose-detailalex-conrad-amistad-detail-shotAfter sculpting some new clay to fit into place where the broken bits of the sculpture were, I carefully peeled it off and baked it in the oven.  Once that was done and the clay had cooled, I affixed the new pieces of clay to the sculpture with some adhesive.  Once this was dry, the only thing left to do was to match the finish (make the new clay parts look seamlessly like the rest of the sculpture).  This took a couple of tries, but was eventually achieved (I think).  See bel0w for the results:



The sculpture bears the title “The Story of Amistad”.  I am guessing that the scenes that are sculpted into the base (see below) are from that story.



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