new painting: My Old Headphones

Conrad headphones sm

This painting is on an unstretched piece of canvas that measures roughly 61″ x 43″.  It is a combination of matte acrylic paints and some gouache.  Also some touches of a water based Sharpie.  The subject is my old pair of headphones which I retired and nailed to the wall.

I think of this painting as a tipping of the hat to a different art form:  music.  The near-constant use of my headphones while working is evidence of the appreciation I have for music and how much inspiration I draw from it.  This shows up in the painting in a couple of ways.  Towards the top, the soft and cushy part that rests on the top of the head has been held together in places by electrical tape.  To the right of this part, a couple pieces of frayed plastic can be seen as well.  Then towards the bottom, there are a few instances of paint globs on the cord.  Most of these are difficult to see because they are white paint globs on the black cord (they tend to read as highlights).  But towards the bottom you can see a bit of yellow on the cord.

Conrad headphones cropped


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