a self portrait

AC SelfPortrait Milano

This is a self portrait I painted while living in Milan.  It’s a combination of acrylic paint, charcoal and a little white chalk on a small piece of cardboard packaging.  I think it has a couple of things going for it.  Firstly, it is a lesson in economy of brush strokes.  In the painting, I’m giving the viewer just enough information about the subject (me).  The viewer’s brain has to fill in the blanks and complete the picture.  Also, in a painting this small especially, it is important not to waste any strokes.  Secondly, I think there is a good sense of proportion and picture framing:  everything is in it’s right place.  I had few supplies on hand at the time so I had to make the best with what I had.


About AlexEConrad

Fine artist. Freelance designer.
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