new resin painting- “Feathers”

resin painting 2a

This is a multi-layered multi-media resin painting.  17″ x 11.25″ x 1″.  It consists of a paper towel with acrylic paint, ink, felt-tipped pen, oil paint marker and water based marker encased in clear resin.

resin painting 2b

The title of this piece is “Feathers” and is based on a few of Aesop’s fables.

resin painting 2c

Here is a detail shot.  I like how the paper towel has a hexagonal pattern that shows through in some areas.   You can also see some stray bubbles here and there.

resin painting 2d

I photographed this piece a few ways.  The above photo was taken outside under a bright sun.

resin painting 2e

This one (above) and the next one (below) were taken in a dark room with the resin resting on a light box.

resin painting 2f

A detail shot.


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