the CCAD Art Sign

The CCAD Art Sign has now been standing 20 years. My contribution to it was minimal at best. One could say I moved the tiniest grain of sand the slightest bit (please see previous post).

My little part in the Art Sign’s story was to take measurements and assist in general surveying of the site before it was erected. In 2000 and 2001 I was a “Co-op” student (something like a paid internship while I was a design student at the University of Cincinnati) working at the Artglo Company in Columbus, Ohio. Which happened to be where the sign was designed and fabricated. I didn’t know much about the project at the time; I had only seen a few scale models in the office that Doris had made (she was the head designer). One day I took a field trip to the site with another Artglo employee and we did our thing.

That is about it for my part; only a grain of sand. Fast forward to 2021 and it is hard for me to imagine CCAD’s campus without the sign. I only recently learned that the original concept for it came from Ric Petry, who was director of the MFA program when I was a student/MFA candidate. Also I have to mention Denny Griffith, who was president of CCAD during my time there and who ultimately made the Art Sign happen.


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