new artwork for Upper Cup Coffee Co. (pt. 2)

I also painted a triptych for installation at Upper Cup Coffee Company’s new Gahanna, Ohio location.  Similar to the diptych that I did (see previous post), these are burlap coffee sacks stretched over wooden stretchers (in place of the typical canvas).  These three paintings, which are to be viewed as one continuous image, are not a diagram but rather an image of some coffee plants in nature.  But instead of covering each complete picture surface, some areas have been left “blank” or unpainted in order to reveal some of the burlap.

Alex Conrad coffee triptych

Below is a panoramic photo inside the shop where the triptych is installed.

Alex Conrad coffee triptych onsite

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new artwork for Upper Cup Coffee Co. (pt. 1)

I recently completed a diptych that was commissioned for the Upper Cup Coffee Company’s new location in Gahanna, Ohio.  The diptych is a diagram of the coffee plant and its different stages.  Rather than painting on stretched canvas, these paintings have been executed on stretched burlap sacks.  These sacks reference another stage in the coffee cultivation process as they are the sacks that the coffee beans were transported overseas in.

Alex Conrad coffee diptych

Below is a photo of the diptych as it is displayed in the shop.

Alex Conrad coffee diptych onsite

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storefront design for Upper Cup Coffee Co.

Alex Conrad Upper Cup design 1

I recently designed and implemented a new storefront for the Upper Cup Coffee Company in Gahanna, Ohio.  Here are a few photos of what it looks like.

Alex Conrad Upper Cup design 3Alex Conrad Upper Cup design 2

And just for fun, here’s a detail photo of the storefront at night.

Alex Conrad Upper Cup design 4

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new painting – landscape

Alex Conrad landscape 1

This is a landscape I recently painted titled “Deer Creek in Autumn”.  It is oil on canvas and measures 30″ x 96″.

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new work – repair of (another) broken sculpture

This is another broken sculpture that I repaired.  It is about 48″ tall when sitting on the floor and is made up of plaster and a steel frame.  It is one heavy antelope.

Below are “before” pictures, photos of the sculpture before the repair:

antelope BEFORE 1antelope BEFORE 2antelope BEFORE 3

Here (above) is the majority of the damage.  A big chunk of plaster missing and exposing the inner frame of steel.  antelope BEFORE 4

And now below see the “after” pictures, photos of the sculpture after the repairs were made:

antelope AFTER 1antelope AFTER 2antelope AFTER 3

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new work: repair of broken sculpture

I recently repaired a broken sculpture for a client.  The sculpture was a life-sized head of a man with a unique stand, made out of clay.  According to a small plaque on the base of the sculpture, the artist who originally made the sculpture was a Jim Strecker.  When the sculpture was brought to me, it had been broken in two places:  the right ear and part of the nose (as seen below).

alex-conrad-amistad-ear-detailalex-conrad-amistad-nose-detailalex-conrad-amistad-detail-shotAfter sculpting some new clay to fit into place where the broken bits of the sculpture were, I carefully peeled it off and baked it in the oven.  Once that was done and the clay had cooled, I affixed the new pieces of clay to the sculpture with some adhesive.  Once this was dry, the only thing left to do was to match the finish (make the new clay parts look seamlessly like the rest of the sculpture).  This took a couple of tries, but was eventually achieved (I think).  See bel0w for the results:



The sculpture bears the title “The Story of Amistad”.  I am guessing that the scenes that are sculpted into the base (see below) are from that story.


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OSU T-shirt design


When I was a kid, my dad took me to all of the Ohio State football games that were played at home (in Columbus).  I have some great memories of us watching the games.  In light of the big match-up this weekend (the Buckeyes vs. that team up north), I’ve made a prototype of a T-shirt (which I sometimes do).  It is a replica based on a memory I have of some T-shirts I saw back when my dad and I were going to the games.  This was during late Earle Bruce / early John Cooper days.  I remember everything during rivalry week was more intense- the game, the fans, the noise, and the T-shirts.  Somehow this design has clung to the inside of my brain since those days.

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