Let’s Go Cleveland!

I have so many things to say but I’ll try to keep it simple, short and sweet. Years ago I was confronted by a roomful of Bengals fans who were not happy about me being the only Browns fan present. My friend, another Bengals fan, asked me pointedly, “But I don’t get it! You’re from Columbus! You could root for Cincinnati or Cleveland…. Why do you like the Browns??!! “Because I have a choice,” was all I said. It did not go down well.

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resin piece revisited

This is a resin sculpture containing an X-ray of my neck that I built roughly 9 years ago. It was part of my thesis show as an MFA candidate at CCAD. After graduation, it appeared in a group show I was part of at the Riffe Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Since then it has been wrapped up and inside a box in storage.

After digging this and a couple of other sculptures out this week, I noticed that they appear to have deepened in color over time. When I first built them they had a slight yellowish hue even though they are transparent. But now they appear yellower, more of an amber color. The above photos were taken using a light box, which is how I have typically displayed sculptures like this. The below photos were taken outside in the sun.

The change in color of the aged resin becomes more apparent in the direct sunlight, as seen above. In some areas (such as the upper left of the above and the reflections on the side of the sculpture) it appears almost orange.

Here’s a detail shot of the side of the resin. Some of its layers are visible here.

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Quote of the Month – December 2020

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Quote of the Month – November 2020

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new painting – Double-007

This is a gouache and matte acrylic painting on a piece of roughly 43″ x 51″ canvas. Here it is seen outdoors, clamped and chained to a brick wall. It features as its subject(s) the bookend Bonds… that is, the first actor (Sean Connery) and the most recent actor (Daniel Craig) to play the iconic character on film. Making a sort of past vs. present combination of the two Bonds.

The above photo of the painting is cropped and was shot indoors. The piece of canvas it’s on is a little irregularly shaped. When I started the painting it was the last piece of decent sized canvas that I had. I also had no idea what I was going to paint on it.

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Quote of the Month – October 2020

Happy Halloween! This month’s quote has nothing to do with Halloween but is a good one nonetheless.

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Quote of the Month – September 2020

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Quote of the Month – August 2020

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Quote of the Month – July 2020

This month’s quote, along with the shoe sketch above, comes from Andy Warhol. This is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

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new resin painting- “Kalanchoe”

resin painting 1a

This is another new resin painting.  It is 26″ x 11.25″ x 1″ and is titled “Kalanchoe”.  It has multiple layers of resin, a paper towel with some acrylic paint in it and some gouache.

resin painting 1b

The gouache paint consists of 4 colors which are on separate layers of resin.  Below are a couple of detail shots.

resin painting 1c

resin painting 1d

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