new oil sketch

Shotgun Portrait study 1

This is an oil sketch on a gessoed piece of reused cardboard packaging.  It is roughly 13″ x 14″.  I did this study as part of my Shotgun series.  The reference photo was taken with the Panoramic feature on my phone.  It was then manipulated in Photoshop and from there copied in oil paint.

Shotgun Portrait study 2

The two sides of the subject’s face become slightly easier to see at a distance (above).

Shotgun Portrait study 3

For this study I was focused primarily on texture.  As you can see (above and below), in some areas I used a lot of paint.

Shotgun Portrait study 4

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mixed media sunflower painting

Sunflower Life Cycle

Mixed media painting on canvas.  20.5″ x 14.25″.

This is an older painting that I uncovered a few years ago in a half-finished state.  I’ve worked on it periodically since then and now it’s finished.  It is composed of spray paint, some acrylic paint, oil paint and some heavy layers of clear acrylic spray.  In between the layers of paint I sprayed a generous serving of the clear acrylic.  The intention was to give an added element of depth – or I should say the illusion of space.

Sunflower Life Cycle detail 1

Some interesting things happened to the layers of paint.  As seen above, the acrylic paint underneath the clear acrylic spray ended up cracking and crazing.  In some areas of the painting, the clear gloss gets foggy or blurry.  In others, there are little air bubbles locked into the painting (as seen below).

Sunflower Life Cycle detail 2

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recent painting: View To A Church

View to a Church

Oil painting on cardboard packaging.  16.5″ x 14.5″.

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recent painting: Sunflower Popping Open

Sunflower Popping

Oil painting on wood.  11″ x 12″.

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new painting – Skull #4

Skull 1

Acrylic and gouache on canvas.  67″ x 60″.

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commission completed – coffee tree triptych

full triptych M.jpg

This is a commission I completed recently.  It is three separate canvases with one continuous image of a coffee tree branch and some of its cherries.  It is painted in a combination of gouache and matte acrylics in what I’ve been calling “the new style” (I know, it needs a better name).  Each canvas is 90″ high by 44″ wide.  Overall, with 6″ spaces included in between, the triptych measures 7.5′ x 12′.

Below are a couple of detail shots.

middleDETAIL 1

middleDETAIL 2

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new experimental work – watercolor

Alex Conrad watercolor abstract 1Alex Conrad watercolor abstract 2

These are two of a series of works I’ve been doing on 8″ x 6″ watercolor paper and using pearlescent watercolor paint.  The other ingredient to making these is a bunch of roasted coffee beans.  Although the beans are removed in the process, their shadow of sorts remains on the paper.

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