Quote of the Month – May 2020

QotM May20

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from the archive: marker drawings

marker drawing 6

This is series of marker drawings I drew on printer paper while I was an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati (class of ’03).  The series consists of 62 drawings, executed in marker and black pencil, that were made over the course of a week.  These are a few highlights from the series.

marker drawing 9

I have long been fascinated with face masks, and the above sketch is evidence of that.  Guess I was ahead of my time!

marker drawing 13

I’ve done many self portraits over the years, but not too many in marker.  Here is one.  Yes, I am about to fling a rubber band at the viewer.

marker drawing 22

While looking through these drawings, I’m not surprised that they are almost 20 years old.  What I’m surprised about is that they still strongly smell of markers in 2020.  Whew!

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Jordan on my mind

Bulls Times 1

I just found this New York Times magazine from April 21, 1996 hidden in the depths of my apartment.  It brings me back in time to when, to quote my friend Pat, every Bulls game night was an event.

Is everybody ready for episodes 3 & 4 of the documentary tonight?

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Quote of the Month (no. 1)

Hold Back excerpt

Like so many others across the world right now, I’ve been going through it.  The crucible.  …I don’t know about anybody else, but I intend to come out the other side silver.

The above graphic is the “Quote of the Month” for April 2020.  Which is sort of a spinoff of “Quote of the Day”, which we practiced in my 1st drawing class.  It was at the University of Cincinnati and the teacher was Kevin Muente.  We would take turns choosing a quote of the day and writing it up on the chalkboard in the studio.  Maybe I’ll start a new series of posts with a different quote every month.  And then again, maybe I won’t.  You’ll have to wait and see…

This one comes from the Stones.

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…and sometimes I make magic



Spell 1

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new sunflower painting

SF final to blog

The position of the sunflower’s head changes throughout the day to maximize its intake of the sun’s rays.  In other words, they follow the sun.  If you are fortunate enough to live near a sunflower this year, take a look at it throughout the day sometime.  You will notice it facing eastward in the morning and westward in the evening.

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wooden rooster – another view


The rooster has turned around and is now in attack mode.  Look out!

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