my first design project

Here are a couple of pictures I’ve come across recently of my first-ever design project. It was for my first class, Industrial Design Studio I, the first year of design school (after foundations). The project was to design and build a model of a tower out of only food. Design goals included making the tower as tall as possible, as strong as possible, and of course aesthetically pleasing. I specifically remember the professor explaining to us the importance of choosing our materials. It was important that they “go together”. In other words, you can’t just throw any combination of foods together, you have to use foods that compliment each other and form a cohesive whole that makes some sort of sense. I also specifically remember that barely anyone in class “got it”. The idea of careful material selection informing a specific concept was apparently a bit much for us at that point…

My solution: S’mores. I found the graham crackers to be perfect structural building blocks for what I wanted, and the glue and melted chocolate combination made for the perfect glue to hold it together. In the end, my tower was not the tallest or the strongest. But it was easily the most delicious…


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